Sizzle in spice at the Top 5 Mexican restaurants in Scottsdale, Arizona

Hunger can take you to places and in case you are in Scottsdale, Arizona then there is no other place to spice up your life by visiting the Top 5 Mexican restaurants in Scottsdale, Arizona. For all the spice lovers, life can be boring if they have to eat the random usual bring food even on vacations, well now you do not have to anymore, as we will introduce you to the Top 5 Mexican restaurants in Scottsdale, Arizona which will sizzle you in spice, just the way you like it.

  • Barrio Queen

The name suggests the richness of the food, and in case you want to indulge yourself into an affair with fresh avocados and tart pomegranate seeds, which is their best dish named “guacamole,” then this is the right place for you. To spend a casual afternoon or night out, at the canal side, Barrio Queen should be your number one choice as they enhance the tastes of your evening with their delicious slow-roasted Asada tortas and stuffed burritos and enchiladas. To savor your sweet tooth, try their warm churros dwelled in goats caramel milk.


  • La Hacienda

Want to indulge in a high-end cuisine, at a high-end Mexican restaurant in Scottsdale, Arizona? Well, then La Hacienda is just the right place for you. The famous chef Richard Sandoval is best known for his Mexican recipes which are ravishing and make people eat their fingers off too. The restaurant has an exotic bar with more than 200 tequilas, making you dwell in the Southwest dreams of Arizona.


  • The Mission

Want a peaceful candle-lit dinner with the warm colonial décor, and then The Mission is where you need to head to. They have a specialty in ten different types of margaritas and offer simmering hot steam clams, rock shrimp yucca, and delicious chorizo. It is a must food stop, for all foodies as it offers with the tasteful tacos and fresco potatoes you do not want to miss.

  • Los Sombreros Café and Cantina

Rooted back to the central Mexican culture, the owner Azucena Tovar, bring the Central Mexican cuisine to Scottsdale, Arizona with this restaurant. Their light dishes which never lack in taste and the amazing aroma of Mexican specialties are a must have. If you are not looking for something too heavy to eat, then go for their famous fig and panela cheese salad, as it contains the taste and nutrition’s you require. They serve salmon in the most unique of ways with mango pico de gallo, which will enrich your taste buds and you would crave for more.



  • Distrito

Chef Jose Garces serves the people of Scottsdale, Arizona with the delicious and spicy Mexican street food, and give his own touch of spices enhancing the richness of the food, which makes the customer have more of it every time. Most popularly known for their breakfast, early risers should definitely visit this place and indulge in their rich breakfast. To get a feeling of pop Mexican culture around you, definitely, visit this place.


For all the people wanting to spice up their lives, we have suggested the top 5 Mexican restaurants in Scottsdale, Arizona, so definitely visit these places and indulge in the richness of the Mexican food and culture.