Feed your taste buds at the Top 5 cultural restaurants in Scottsdale, Arizona

Known for its western charm, Scottsdale has a lot to offer than you will expect. It has become the famous vacation spot for foreigners and for locals coming from various areas. With holidaymakers comes a necessity of good food in whatever area that they reside in, and they expect the food to give them an insider’s view of the life of the people of Scottsdale. Let us explore the top five best cultural restaurants in Scottsdale, Arizona so that you can get closer to the lives of the people of Scottsdale, and find out what they eat, their spices, their delicacies and the richness of their food.

  • Café Monarch

Want to feel like you have been invited to a friend’s place for a candle lite dinner? Well, then to make you feel like home, Café Monarch is the place for you. They have a grand three-course set menu, besides the regular seasonal food menu that they serve. The grand menu makes you have an affair with anything to do with fish and meat, and the delicacies include their scrumptious rum cake bonanza, which nobody wants to miss out on.


  • Afternoon Tea at The Phoenician

Experience the classic English afternoon tea at the famous Phoenician café, where they serve you with a range of teas making you have your dream English afternoon, which you always wanted. The teas are served with delicious side-appetizers including classic finger sandwiches, beige and cream lobby, and one-bit delicacies, which have a beautiful décor that wouldn’t want you to eat them, rather preserves them.


  • Arcadia Farms Café

Indulge in the homegrown vegetables and get the country-side aroma that you need, only at Arcadia Farms café, where everything served is cultivated and then cooked with love. Their specialties are their seasonal dishes which include a mouth-watering range of omelets and gourmet sandwiches, making you even hungrier than you would be. “Baby cakes” are their signature dessert, which everyone stops by and tastes.


  • Citizen Public House

Missing your mom when away for a vacation? Want to eat the kind of food she cooks? Well, then Citizen Public House is where you should rush to, as their menu serves dishes which will make you reminisce of your American- home cooked food by your mom. Your favorite chicken fried pork and roasted bread waffle are one of their famous appetizers. For the main menu dish, try their Amaro meatloaf, which would want you to eat your fingers too. The interior is cozy and makes you feel like home, with a small patio for a couple of drinks and indoor leather booths surrounded by a steel bar.


  • Renegade by MOD

Michael O’Dowd created a graffiti and scrap metal restaurant, serving his customers with international cuisines and giving them an aroma of the Northern part of Scottsdale, and its street culture. The café is an attraction for people for other reasons like, his dip that comes with the chips in the appetizers is basically served from an ashtray. He updates the menu regularly, serving customers with something different each time.


Scottsdale has a range of restaurants which give you the rich Scottsdale culture and spices, but these that we have listed above are the top 5 cultural restaurants in Scottsdale, Arizona, which serves customers with a unique aromas and cuisines. These top 5 cultural restaurants in Scottsdale have been sponsored by phoenixnewtimes.com.