Experience the Top 5 exotic restaurants in Scottsdale, Arizona

scottdsale restaurants 2The Scottsdale eatery scene is a blend of acclaimed gourmet specialists, creative cooking, and with more than 300 sunny days consistently, a portion of the best outdoors feasting in the nation.Scottsdale brags a flourishing culinary scene of more than 400 eateries including everything from in vogue gastro pubs to provincial Western cantinas. Since a huge number of visitors have been coming to Scottsdale to be served with the best kind of food, fine-dining exotic restaurants have opened their ways for all the visitors, providing them with the luxurious menu that they serve. To help you look for the best fine dining place, we will list down the top 5 exotic restaurants in Scottsdale, Arizona.

  • Lon’s at the Hermosa

To experience the southwestern cowboy culture, you should visit this restaurant definitely. The décor and the interior make you feel like as if you have walked into a cowboy dwelling, you get involved with the aroma. The juicy menu just doesn’t get any better than this, that you get served with the most luxurious dishes like duck breast, roasted pork with jalapeno glaze. For breakfast they serve with the most scrumptious French toasts in various flavors, making your mornings even better.


  • Roaring Fork

The classic American cuisine is served in this cozy warm place where dishes are cooked on wood-fired, to bring the classic American flavors back to life. The restaurant is inspired by the history and culture of the Old West, where the simplicity of cooking with wood-fire is kept alive. They serve a lavish menu of chicken, pork, fresh fish, lamb and what not so that you never feel that the menu is not enough for your taste buds.


  • Taggia

Seafood doesn’t get any better than this, when the coastal Italian cuisine is brought into the heart of Scottsdale, where gourmet pizzas come soft and cheesy stuffed and layered with yummy toppings. Pizzas are made in wood-fire ovens to give the real essence of an actual pizza tastes like. The ambience of the place is what keeps the customers sit for forever even when they have had their food. Present in the FireSky Resort and Spa, the resorts palm cover the restaurants patio and bring a breath of fresh air for the customers.


  • EVO

Want to enjoy a vintage Italian evening, with timeless cuisine made just for you, then the right place to enjoy all that is EVO. It is an Italian restaurant which reveals the true Italian essence of its cuisine and spices and builds a timeless aroma. They serve you refreshing summer drinks and cocktails which will leave you wanting for more.



  • Virtu

Dwelling in the Old Town Scottsdale is this charming place with a menu which is timeless. Soon after its opening this small place became a big hit and the public fell in love with their atmosphere and food. The menu has a range of Mediterranean and Southwestern dishes which are scrumptious and finger-licking good.

Indulge yourself in the orgasm of food, in the top 5 exotic restaurants in Scottsdale, Arizona, where food and ambiance come hand in hand. Contact us with your feedback on these restaurants!