Satisfy your hunger pangs at the Top 5 new restaurants in Scottsdale, Arizona

scottsdale restuarantsWith the increasing population and the even higher rate of visitors in Scottsdale, Arizona, a lot of new restaurants have found their way in Scottsdale, promising to serve the best that they have to their customers. Everybody loves trying out new restaurants since food does no harm to anybody, so there are no threats to trying new places for an eat-out. We will help you in sorting out the best from so many of the newly opened restaurants in Scottsdale, and we will list down the top 5 new restaurants in Scottsdale, Arizona.

  • Noble Eatery

Placed in such a big industrial area, this pint-sized restaurant is considered number one by the public for its fresh aroma of Italian cuisine which is rich in taste, flavor and spices. The bread maestro Jason Raducha has an Italian team which serves Italian food like never before. Chalkboard sandwiches are cooked on wood-fired bread with pita bread, which is a Turkish specialty, so give more taste and flavor. As simple as their interior is their dishes are as complex, with a range of flavors and delicious aroma, the restaurant is small but serves what you deserve; the best.


  • Ten

Giving you the richness of what a Southern home provides, this American bistro is what you need when you want to relax and feel like home. Chef Jeff Hostenske serves the various dishes which have been inspired by his hobby of traveling, in which you experience tastes of the cuisines of the world. The bustling small interior of the restaurant tells how people love the food and the place despite its size. This place proves that you do not need a big name or a bigger place to serve customers with the best range of dishes that they deserve.


  • Welcome chicken + Donuts

If you do not want to go for a fine-dining restaurant or for a formal lunch or dinner, this is just the right place for you as they serve with the most delicious chicken legs, wings, breast pieces which are slightly smoky, served with the sweet Japanese barbecue sauce and Vietnamese fish sauce. You wouldn’t want to miss out on the doughnuts that they serve because that is their specialty at they make the best in town, soft most and filling. The chef that is behind the creation of their unique cakes and doughnuts make the most unusual flavored cakes and doughnuts but trust us, they are to die for.


  • Earnest

Earnest took birth when the famous restaurant “Cork” was renovated by joint owners Brian Peterson and pastry chef Danielle Morris, who changes the name of the place and it’s interior. People even though still remember it as “the place where Cork used to be.” They serve with delicious bites of braised beef and egg noodles, served with zucchini cakes layered with crabs and sausage studded potatoes. It is the right kind of place for a laid back lunch or dinner where they provide you with craft beer and Oreo cookie crust cream heap of bananas.


  • Cuff

This is a pleasant new place for a light afternoon to be spent at or to have a light dinner, which has an experimental dish called “posole” served, which is sweet and spicy at the same time. Their shrimps dipped in a pool of tomato sauce with chunks, in a must have. …